Warehousing is a crucial and quintessential link in the supply chain which can infuse efficiency and catalyse a company’s supply chain in the competitive market. Growing Consumerism has accelerated the growth of traditional markets and supply chain networks. Adoption of eCommerce in the Indian market has also created an increased demand for warehousing & distribution. Never has there been a greater need on organizations to recharge their supply chains to being most efficient, responsive and adaptable. With the changing times and complexities, technology plays a big role in how efficiently warehousing operations are run when speed, accuracy and inventory integrity are key parameters.

At ZeNXL, we enable our clients rather partners grow by leveraging our expertise in Logistics and let them focus on their core competencies. Technology and operating experience help us in providing just what you need to operate a robust and well optimized warehouse solution giving you the edge in the market. We have been operating a network of fully equipped warehouses since 2016.

Service parts logistics is our specialty and we can set up a country wide network to cater to your aftermarket service support.

Our Warehousing Services comprise of:

  • Storage
  • Inbound Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Value Added Services
  • Order Processing
  • Reverse Logistics (Asset Recovery)
  • Cycle Count
  • Outbound Processing
  • Intra City deliveries and mission critical shipments
  • On call 24/7 operation
Warehouse services that go above and beyond to meet exacting customer needs.

Intra City Distribution:

Experienced in handling intra city distribution using our dedicated and leased vehicles and bikers. This gives speed to your products and helps you meet your service deliverables. This service is available in all metro cities and is available on call activation 24/7. This service includes :

  • 4 Hr
  • NFO
  • Diplomat
  • NBD
  • SBD
  • Scheduled delivery services

Value added services

To meet the increasing demands for product customization and delivery compliance, we provide value-added warehousing services that help our customers to reduce their inventory footprint of finished goods.

Our value-added services let you meet the diverse needs of customers while improving delivery times. Whether it’s a one-time promotional project or ongoing requirements, we are ready to customize to meet your diverse market needs.

Topping the warehouse management, our value added services affords much needed flexibility to you to manage dynamic requirements while serving your clients. Our technical capabilities give you visibility and analytics which are at the core of management decision making

Value Added Services Includes :

  • Labeling
  • Quality Inspection
  • Packaging & Kitting
  • Returns Processing
  • Technical Support in limited scope
  • MIS
Value Added services that set new benchmarks to give you the edge